In order to join our server (Tourist), you need to be whitelisted. To do so all you need to do is to show us your skills. Reply to the Apply for membership area in this wikia and wait for our admins to reply and approve you. It might take some time so please wait patiently.

Make sure you read the RULES.

What you need in your application

  • IGN (In Game Name)
  • Age
  • Country (Timezone)
  • What you are good at
  • Images of your work
  • Why you want to join ZandsCraft? Write at least a paragraph

Click here to go to submit your application!


1) If you post pictures of terrible builds that look beyond hope, you are out.

2) If you post no pictures at all or any coherent plans, you are probably out, unless you really score a lot of brownie points in the other areas.

3) On the flip side, a fantastic build will make up for a lot of spelling errors, etc. - it makes you worth a shot, at least.

4) That said, being able to spell and write coherently is almost a requirement on our applications. So make sure you do that.

5) If I can see your personality shine through and you feel like somebody that would be fun to hang out with, that helps. That doesn't mean "write 18 paragraphs." More of you does not = better you. Just make sure you say enough to communicate what kind of person you are if you want the best chances.

6) For God's sake, use or dropbox for photos. You have no idea how many people I have to reject because they post some stupid facebook album or something as their build link, or use a broken link. Posting facebook pictures is REALLY LAZY and is a clear indicator that you don't care that much about our server to put any time into it.

7) We want builders a lot more than we want redstone people. If you are applying about redstone, you'd better be damn fantastic. if not, supplement it with pictures of builds so we don't just gloss over you.

8) Posting ideas and plans that are in clear violation of things we say on the wiki is stupid, and makes it clear you haven't put much time or effort into this. For example "I want to make a bunch of piston things." No, guests are probably never going to be allowed to use pistons. Or "I want to build a cool house." No - you didn't read our very prominently linked "what not to build" page before telling us what you want to build. These aren't dealbreakers - sometimes the wiki is down, and we aren't that nitpicky, but it certainly doesn't help you.

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