After you have been whitelisted for ZandsCraft, you are just a Tourist, not a member. In order to become a member you would need to build something very nice (builder) or do the member test (survival). Each test would give you a different rank. Of course, becoming a builder would be harder than basic membership.

Survival Member Test

This can be done once you spawn. It is at Alcove and is directly a floor beneath the spawn point. The test consist of a few simple questions and a short parkour session which is challenging for most players. Once you pass the test, there would be a sign for you to click and you would be automatically promoted to a member (Peasent).

If you are unable to do the parkour, we are very sorry but you may not become a member. Do not beg for your membership or you would be banned and erased from the whitelist.

Builder Test*

players can do this after they are normal members. No rush! This cannot be done directly after you spawn. This is held in a different place and requires more time and effort. There would be a portal for you to go to the newcomers building zone. What you do there is basically build something nice and epic then show it to one of the admins of moderators online. There is no protection in that area so you would need to make sure it cannot be destroyed easily. The build would not suffer from fire or from lava since the zone would be protected from these factors. You can relax about griefers. There will be protection for your works once you become a builder.

To get the necessary resources needed for your build, you may go to the Recuit Builder Center. There you can get the items you want. These objects would not be able to be taken away outside of that building zone. TNT is not an avaiable block type.

Once you finish your work just tell us or if no admin or moderator is online, simply take a snapshot with the surrounding in the background to prove to us it is on our server and post it in the thread on the forum. That might take a longer time though.