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The Legion

The Legion is a guild that stops the server from being griefed. The founder of the Legion on the server choses to keep his idenity a conspiracy. With the help of close allies, their city was built.

The Legion is located on the North of Midnight Moon City. It can be seen in map_1 in Geria.

The home town of the legion and also becoming a city named Solitude, is one of the few settlements up north of the highlands of Zandsworld. This is a hearty place as for the legion chose it to be. Settlers are welcome to pick a slot in the greenside appartment on the outskirts of Solitude.


1. Rookie

2. Legionaire

3. Sergeant

4. Priminister

5. Founder


Joining the Legion on the server is not easy. Before you become an actual member, you would be required to apply in the "Battery Tower" (Looks like a battery). A selection will be held at some point and the founder of the Legion and the priminister of the Legion will select people to pass the test and become a 'Rookie' of the Legion.

To rank up, Look at Training.


The Legion trains people on fighting and dealing in variety on what the situation is.

Each Legionaire is assigned chain armor and a steel sword all with enchantments given randomly