There are many things that you can do on the server! Most certainly and obviously, you can build and survive. Unlike many other servers on ZandsCraft, there are many other activities that you may join and participate in! These activities are classified into a few catigories listed below. Check them out and find something you are interesting and do it!

Tourist's Job

These are activities that all whitelisted players can do, including Tourists.

Building Intensive

These are activities which would require a lot of building and creativity. All participants in these activities would have to be a builder. Normal members would not be able to join! If you wish to become a builder, you can do so through the builder test. More informations are avaliable on here .

  • Mega-Builds
  • Builder Hub
  • Build-Off

Survival Intensive

These are activities which would be in survival mode and would require you to survive and probably fight mobs. Make sure you are a member to join these activities!

  • Adventure Maps
  • Challenge Maps (Parkour)
  • Dungeons
  • Mob Arena
  • Spleefing
  • War
  • Hunger Game

Social (Guild) Intensive

These are activities that you can do once you join a Society (Guild) on the server. More information about Societies are avaliable here .

  • Adventure
  • Training
  • Guild War