Minecraft Update (12w08a Snapshot) - Iron Golem

Minecraft Update (12w08a Snapshot) - Iron Golem

ZandsCraft - The Last Legend (Trailer)

ZandsCraft - The Last Legend (Trailer)

Minecraft - Server Adventures Episode 1

Minecraft - Server Adventures Episode 1

Server online time period:

Server will be online during (Regular):

Mon-->Fri = 6:45pm --> 10:30pm
Sat, Sun = Variable

Server will be online during (Easter Holidays):

Mon --> Fri = Variable
'Sat, Sun = Variable'


The server has been updated to 1.2.5!

Welcome to the ZandsCraft Wikia Page!

On this website, you can learn a lot about our server and you may also find out many answers to the questions that you have.

The server started off with the brothers, PixelatorJ and XaliteB. XaliteB is the server hoster, he hosts the server on his computer and all plugins are set up by him. PixelatorJ is the main builder and created most of the structures ingame. XaliteB's friends osbertchor, dumbchicken, mahpowerballs and wierdude1998 joined the server and is now the head moderator of the server. They are responsible for the member's experience and communication ingame.

There is also a youtube account made by the brothers, PXBros. On the left are their latest videos! Don't forget to subscribe to them!

What is ZandsCraft?

This is a server based on the popular indie game, Minecraft. It is both a survival and creative server and allows players to both build and live in the wild. It is a whitelisted server to keep out undedicated players and griefers. To get whitelisted, go here .

In the following table, other information about joining the server, future events and lastest news would be avaliable. Simply click on them to check them out!

Joining ZandsCraft Upcoming Events Latest Event and Build
New-comer's Guide Build-Off Burning of the Fake Notch 1.27
What to do? War
Travel Guide Mega-Builds
FAQ Parties